New Client On-Boarding Checklist

Found a potential client? Not sure what to do next? Here's your onboarding checklist!

  • Collect potential client information to contact them
  • Book Discovery call/Chemistry chat. If you haven't met the client before, a discovery call or chemistry chat is a great way to check you're a good match to work together. If you use a tool like Calendly or Acuity, you can include a series of questions which can be useful in identifying what they want (and what their budget is!)
  • Send potential client your packages or prices. Ideally three packages to cover three budgets or options.
  • Follow up if you haven't heard back after 3-4 days.
  • If they're happy with a package, make sure this is confirmed over email or on paper (especially the price).
  • Send Terms and Conditions to client for approval (see the Terms And Conditions template in the Lifestash)
  • Optional: Send contract to client for approval
  • Request their financial department details if they're a big company, for invoicing. Otherwise, check their details for your invoice.
  • Optional: Send your invoice for the deposit. You may also want to set up a direct debit payment for them if it's an ongoing retainer.
  • Request logins or permissions. If you're dealing with any accounts on their behalf (e.g. social media accounts, marketing portals etc). This can be done through tools like LastPass for security reasons. You may also have to set up a Trello or Asana board, or Slack room to communicate.
  • Check in with your client after the first week to make sure they're happy.
  • Send your invoice on a set day each month (I go for the 24th as larger companies can then put it through their general payroll, but the last day of the month is possible too).

Extra touches

  • Send a welcome pack/gift
  • Add the client to your 'client newsletter' with specific updates from your industry or area of expertise